"Despite the fact that many women spend up to 10 days a month dealing with period-related changes to their body, and we experience this monthly process for decades of our lives, we are still expected to keep our periods clean, quiet, and out of sight. We're so conditioned to feel embarrassed and ashamed of our periods that most women (myself included) have at some point felt uncomfortable when we're buying tampons or pads, and felt even more mortified at the thought of bleeding through our pants in a public place. But why should talking about periods be so taboo? The act of menstruating couldn't be more natural — and with all the health risks, pain, and environmental issues that result from a lack of menstrual education, shouldn't we be working to make period talk more normal? Menstrual activists agree that we should definitely be trying to, even if we don't see results overnight, and they also agree that there are ways we can normalize talk around periods in our period-phobic society. " (source)

Created by: Karen C. Aragon


A Real-time #PMS Tweet Visualizer
by someone who suffers monthly from pms.

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